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Mar 25, 2024

Rob and Drew create a secret society to unite the world. Drew drinks Half Brothers Brewing Company's Lumberjack Snack. Rob drinks Off Color Brewing's Dino S'mores. 

Mar 19, 2024

Day after St. Patrick's Day. Rob saw an Irish jig. Drew is watching points within the pints. Drew drinks Fifth Ward's Mexican Hot Chocolate Job. Rob drinks Highland Park's Baseball Lager.

Mar 15, 2024

gough from Beernuts Productions joins the show to talk about his new film Idiom. Drew and gough discuss taking a different approach to this film, leaving aspects up for viewers, and more. 

Watch the film now here.

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Mar 11, 2024

Rob and Drew discuss modern day exorcisms, some the history, processes, and symptoms of needing an exorcism. Drew drinks Copper State Brewing Co.'s Gary. Rob drink Harland Brewing Double IPA. 

Mar 4, 2024

Rob and Drew get a look at what happens in the world of parenting when things don't go as planned. Drew is paranoid about a brain eating amoeba. Beer is White Grape Sour Ale from Untitled Art and Seventh Summit from Trustworthy.