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Oct 2, 2023

Happy Strange Brew Month! Drew and Corissa talk a bunch of weird stuff. Paranormal snoring, Wisconsin Hellhounds and Thunderbirds, ghost dogs, and horror movies. Drew drinks 3 Sheeps Pumpkin Spice Veneration, Corissa drinks some homemade apple cider. 

Sep 18, 2023

Author Rob Weldon joins the show to talk about his latest book "Wide-Eyed Wyatt's Liquid Nap", book five of his Omnist series. Check out Lodge III October 14th, 2023 in Burbank. Rob Weldon drank Ghost Town Brewing's "Nose Goblin", Burbank Bob drank Cellarmaker Brewing Company's "Distorted Bliss", Drew drank Lion's...

Sep 6, 2023

Rob and Drew discuss two albums that they love. Rob picked Gomez's "Bring It On" and drank Wayfinder Beer's "La Magie". Drew picked Direct Hit's "Brainless God" and drank 4 Hands Brewing Co.'s "Ill Repute". 

Aug 30, 2023

Rob and Drew discuss a recent Wisconsin murder, the history of butter knives as a weapon, and vasectomies. Drew drinks 3 Sheeps 2019 Ocelot. Rob drinks Great Notion's Pog Frog. 

Aug 22, 2023

Rob and Drew talk about shift opinions about Batman, Rob's technology issues, and video games. This week's brew is Hacienda Brewing's Everything Eventually.