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Sep 26, 2020

Dudes With Brews Presents: Seltzer Saturdays'! Join Corissa and Kae as they sip a new seltzer and play the game "Super Mommio" created by Drew. They then discuss Disney movies, childhood memories. This "no gossip" segment sure is a blast! This week's seltzer is the Great Dane Brewing Company's Dog Daze...

Sep 18, 2020

Aaron Dalla Villa joins the show! Aaron is an actor, musician, and writer. Season 1 of his YouTube show "Tucci and Jones" is out now! Watch Aaron in the hit horror movie "Pledge" available on Hulu and on demand. His singles "Demon Killer" and "Conspiracy" can be found on Spotify under the name "Dalla Villa".


Sep 10, 2020

Rob and Drew go through some questions that create moral dilemmas. This week's brew is Maplewood Brewing Company's Juice Jorts.