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Aug 19, 2021

Rob is met with the memory of a defining moment, Drew has a new job, and they talk about their new movie idea! This week's brew is Fifty-Fifty Brewing Co's 2020 Eclipse Candied Orange stout. 

Aug 6, 2021

It's the first edition of an all new segment of The Honeymoon is Horror! Corissa and Drew come together to discuss the 2004 classic movie "Saw". Drew shares his backstory with the film and Corissa shares her feelings after watching for the first time. They drink Eagle Park Brewing Company's Mango Hard Seltzer.

Aug 2, 2021

Moe Jeudy-Lamour joins the show! Moe plays Thierry Zoreaux on the Apple plus series "Ted Lasso". Moe and Drew talk acting, comedy, beer, and more. Stream season two of "Ted Lasso" now!

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