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Oct 31, 2019

Rob and Drew talk about historic gems, such as the Hope Diamond and all the misfortunes they have brought throughout history. They share they beliefs on cursed or lucky items, and more. This week's brew is The Brewing Projekts IP-A.

Oct 25, 2019

Rob and Drew discuss the lore of the Flatwoods Monster, The Mothman, as well as some other stuff. This week's brew is Brewdogs Brewing's "Lost Lager".

Oct 18, 2019

Rob and Drew talk to Ashleigh Morghan about her movie "Head Count", which you can stream now on Netflix. They also chat about how she got started, comics, and more! This week's brew is the classic Bud Light!

Warning: There is one slight spoiler in that is discussed!

Oct 7, 2019

Drew is joined by Todd to discuss his personal experiences with investigating the paranormal. Todd is part of the Amazon series and documentaries "Haunted State" which is available now to stream on Amazon Prime. This week's brew is Woodchuck Hard Cider's Pumpkin.


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