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Aug 30, 2017

Josh and Drew talk about being a parent and prepare for various situations that probably won't happen with their kids as well as things that drive Drew nuts about other parents. This week's brew, they try another 3 Sheep Brewing creation "First Kiss". 

Aug 23, 2017

Strange Brew number 2. Josh and Drew dive back into the paranormal world. They talk about the eclipse conspiracy, aliens studying cattle, and creepy children with black eyes that are going to probably kill you.

This week's brew is 3 Sheeps Brewing seasonal Nitro Series beer "Nitraberry". 


A "Pew Pew Audio"...

Aug 17, 2017

Drew pitches Josh some TV show ideas. Talks of other tv shows, music and running into people you don't want to see come among other stuff. They finally decide on a "rating system" for the brews. This week's brew is Karben4 Dragon Flute. 



A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast

Aug 9, 2017

Josh and Drew dive into the world of coffee. Drew needs to verify if he's a good person or not. Talks of blowing up, kids, and the medical industry come up. This week's brew is Colectivo Co-Optivia, made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 



A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast.

Aug 4, 2017

Josh and Drew bring a new brew and introduce a segment called "Strange Brews", were talks of ghosts and paranormal happen. This week's "Strange Brews" involves haunted locations through out WI. This week's Brew is Sprecher's Hard Apple Pie.