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Dec 14, 2018

Brent joins Drew to discuss why he hates IPAs, help plan some paranormal stops in Utah, and plot on how Drew can get sponsored by Nike. This week's brew is City Lights Brewing Company's "Coconut Porter"

Dec 7, 2018

Super Listener Chad joins Drew! They talk podcasts, life in Ohio, retail, while drinking DuClaw Brewing's Sweet Baby Jesus, a peanut butter porter. 



Nov 30, 2018

Drew and his "bae" Cierra have a quick talk about what it's like to be married to Drew, household chores, and other rather sarcastic topics. This week's brew is Half Acre Beer Co.'s "Gone Away", an IPA.

Nov 28, 2018

Beernuts production returns! gough joins Drew to discuss his new comedy independent short film "Prostitution: The Untold Story". They go into why and how the film was created, and discuss how you can support independent creators. You can now stream this film and many more by visiting


Nov 21, 2018

Rob joins Drew to discuss all that is Black Friday. They talk about the most frequent incidents/deaths that occur, along with the safest and most dangerous states to go shopping on Black Friday. They drink Wells Banana Bread Beer.